Frequently Asked Questions

An Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon (Oral Surgeon) is a specialist who treats a variety of conditions relating to the mouth and jaws. This includes the removal of teeth, placement of dental implants, repair of fractured facial bones due to trauma, pathologic diseases of the oral cavity, bone and soft tissue grafting in preparation for dental implants, and administration of IV anesthesia for in-office procedures. operating room
If the treatment is to be performed with IV anesthesia then a consultation is needed. A consult is also needed for implant placement, and removal of multiple teeth (for example wisdom teeth extractions), or other more lengthy procedures. If a patient has important medical issues, or if they have questions about treatment that cannot be answered sufficiently while making their appointment, a consultation can be very helpful to the patient. There are also a host of procedures that can easily be accomplished in a single visit without the need for an initial consultation.
If treatment involves implant placement or tooth removal, an x-ray will be needed. X-rays from your dentist or orthodontist may either be emailed to us, or you may bring a hard copy of the image with you to your appointment. If the image furnished to us is current and clearly depicts the area of interest, then we will absolutely use it. Sometimes the image furnished to us is not sufficient, and we will ask to take a new one. For implants and wisdom teeth, a Panorex is needed for all patients. Some patients may benefit from a Cone Beam CT, which gives a remarkable 3-dimensional view. The 3-D views can sometimes be very helpful in implant, impacted teeth, and pathology cases. The Panorex and Cone Beam CT x-rays are both taken in the office. panorex conebeam
When a tooth is lost, it is often recommended to replace it so that biting forces continue to be distributed over a normal number of teeth, and to prevent the neighboring teeth from drifting into the open space. For people who already are missing many or all teeth and have dentures or partials that donʼt fit well, implants can greatly help with their stability. We use Nobel Biocare and Astra implant systems. tooth implant